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Designed and built 70+ Webflow websites that helped my clients drive more leads, sell more products, and convert more traffic since 2016.

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Provenance Webflow Website Homepage
Provenance Webflow Website About Page
Provenance Webflow Website Beauty Industry Page
Provenance Webflow Website Solutions Page
Provenance Webflow Website Shoppers Page
Provenance Webflow Website Food & Drink Page
Provenance Webflow Website Blog Page


The global leader in marketing technology hired me for renewing and migrating their website to Webflow.

Since Webflow is the favorite tool of marketing people, they need a Webflow Developer to build their website with the new design and features.

The Provenance team had been battling with a difficult to use content management system and needed a platform that would enable them to implement their marketing strategy and move quickly when managing campaigns. They put their new Webflow website at the heart of the marketing strategy.

After understanding their business goals and priorities, I collaborated with their talented design team to create a website that would not only be clear, business-like, and functional but also catchy and impressive, corresponding to the nature of their product.

Then I built their website on Webflow. Their team needed multiple URL’s managed and prepped for launch, as well an entire site migration  to Webflow. Webflow’s powerful CMS was used extensively on this website. Amongst others, it is utilized for case studies, product features, blog articles and resources.

Thanks to the great content they published, their website started to generate quality leads quickly.

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Creme Carpets Webflow Website Homepage
Creme Carpets Webflow Website Residential Page
Creme Carpets Webflow Website About Page
Creme Carpets Webflow Website Contact Page
Creme Carpets Webflow Website Blog

Creme Carpets

I redesigned a website for a local flooring store in Canberra, Australia, to give it a fresh, modern look.

This local business, known for its high-quality flooring solutions, sought to enhance its online presence to better serve and impress its clientele.

After conducting a UX audit and understanding their brief, the redesign aimed to present Creme Carpets with a fresh, modern look, emphasizing clarity and ease of navigation. By setting up and configuring Webflow CMS, I enabled the team at Creme Carpets to effortlessly manage and update their website's content, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in the bustling market of tech education.

This project culminated in a website that not only aligns with Creme Carpets' brand identity but also significantly contributes to achieving their business goals. The clean, intuitive design enhances user engagement and showcases their commitment to quality and customer service, positioning them as a leader in the flooring industry.

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NeoTech Academy Webflow Website Homepage
NeoTech Academy Webflow Website Bootcamp Page
NeoTech Academy Webflow Website Application Page
NeoTech Academy Webflow Website About Page

NeoTech Academy

Our collaboration began with a detailed competitor analysis, identifying key areas for enhancement.

I redesigned and developed NeoTech Academy's marketing website using Webflow, focusing on creating a standout, interactive online presence amidst the competitive tech education landscape.

Working closely with their marketing team, we embarked on a mission to not only refresh the visual appeal but also to enhance user engagement and functionality. The goal was clear: to craft a website that could effectively compete in the bustling tech education market, making information accessible and the user journey seamless.

Together, we achieved this objective, delivering a website that not only meets NeoTech Academy's needs but also offers easy usability and updates, ensuring they remain at the forefront of tech education.

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PhoneWagon Webflow Website Homepage
PhoneWagon Webflow Website About Page
Provenance Webflow Website Blog Page
Provenance Webflow Website Resources Page


I redesigned PhoneWagon's website and migrated their content from clunky WordPress to seamless Webflow.

PhoneWagon needed a new website for their new branding, marketing strategy and features. The old website wasn't bad, but it didn't reflect the company's brand or position as a growing startup in the marketing industry.

The new site needed to be modern, user-friendly, and able to showcase all of the features and benefits that make PhoneWagon the best choice for their target audience. I'm proud of partnering with 8020 team on this project as a Webflow Developer.

After compiling all of the data from the interviews, audits, and studies, I analyzed everything. I pulled from what I learned during my deep dive into data to build out the user experience strategy for the redesign.

The brief was clear: keep it simple and keep it fun. With that in mind, I maximized the use of white space, ensured single concepts were in view at any time and selected images and videos to match their preferred tone.

Animations were a significant part of this project. I used scroll into view interactions to animate representations of their features. This helps communicate concepts without the clutter of video or straight product screenshots.

I developed their website in Webflow with tailored CMS, lead magnets and a responsive interface across devices. I also migrated all of their blog posts from Wordpress to Webflow CMS.

I enojed to design the website by considering their business goals and build a responsive website on Webflow. But PhoneWagon got acquired by CallRail before they launched their new website.

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Byte Webflow Website Homepage
Byte Webflow Website Pricing Page
Byte Webflow Website Product Page
Byte Webflow Website Why Page
Byte Webflow Website Results Page
Byte Webflow Website Plan Page
Byte Webflow Website Products Page


The startup used my Webflow Development services to reach their target audience in a competitive market.

Byte invisible aligner is an innovative product for people who want a better smile. It's a competitive market and Webflow was the perfect solution for their marketing team.

They challenged me to deliver an interactive website that would bring their revolutionary product to life and engage prospective customers. It needed to reflect the innovative and the benefits of their product while generating new sales.

As a tech company in the dental space, it was important for the brand and website to achieve a soft clinical feel, but with the personality and quirkiness of a tech company. The website should convey their unique personality and expands on various company strong points creatively and inspiringly.

First I helped their design process for the marketing website and customer portal. For the design to be cohesive, we had to unify the components on the website by implementing a consistent color palette and visual elements across all the pages.

Then I used my expertise as a Webflow Developer and built their responsive website on Webflow. But Webflow Ecommerce's features were not advanced enough for their store. That's why I implemented the website I built on Webflow to Shopify with the help of their talented development team.

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The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School Webflow Website Homepage
The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School Webflow Website Staff Page
The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School Webflow Website Podcasts Page
The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School Webflow Website Blog Page

The Glasgow School of Art Innovation School

The education institution needed to grow their website and Webflow training for the stuff members.

The Glasgow School of Art is one of Europe's leading higher education institutions for the education and research in the visual creative disciplines.

They're struggling with their Webflow site when we met. They needed to update the current pages, add new ones, fix the usability issues and train their stuff members. At first, I reviewed their entire site and identified the issues and the scope of work.

Then I fixed the issues one by one as Webflow Developer, updated their content, built and configured new dynamic pages on Webflow CMS, train their stuff members with a step by step guide and help them to maintain their website.

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The Regeneration Webflow Website Homepage
The Regeneration Webflow Website Article Page
The Regeneration Webflow Website Categories Page
The Regeneration Webflow Website Blog Page

The Regeneration

They need a good reading experience for their stories about the future food system.

My job was to create a blog that would uncover the mission and content of the project brightly and uncommonly, to inform and engage, impress and inspire.

The homepage, the most informative and interactive page containing the content which makes the website go round, is all built on elegance and functionality.

I focused on creating a clean typography at first. Because for products and services based on information rather than physical or visual objects, the text becomes the basis of communication. Hence, the aspect of its readability and thoughtful arrangement contributes much to a generally positive user experience.

I pushed the limits of creativity, catching attention, and effectively sharing photos. For me, working on The Regeneration web design and Webflow Development project was a cool experience of creating a visual and informative blog that is thoughtfully organized, human-like, user-friendly, and, at the same time, captivating, and impressive.

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Element Human Webflow Website Homepage
Element Human Webflow Website About Page
Element Human Webflow Website Pricing Page
Element Human Webflow Website Workbench Page

Element Human

The startup worried that their previous website didn't reflect the professionalism and quality of their products.

They wanted something bolder, more impactful and with a more cohesive color palette. The management of their content also needed to be more efficient.

It was important for Element Human that their benefits and features were conveyed in a visual way. The website structure and design should be clean, efficient and focus on presenting the key product benefits and company advantages in the most effective and compelling way.

Element Hired me as their freelance Webflow Developer to make the new website easy and engaging for users. This was achieved with judicious use of their brand colors to highlight text and buttons, keeping the copy clear and in digestible chunks and using original and authentic illustrations in key places. The end result wasn't only clear, business-like, and functional but also catchy and impressive, corresponding to the nature of their products.

The Webflow CMS comes to the party again by allowing editors to easily manage content in a central location and push it automatically throughout the website and beyond. I built and configured Webflow CMS to enable Element Human to add their case studies and testimonials to the database.

I also made sure that the website could be viewed across all major devices and was smoothly responsive. This not only benefits the end-users but also assists search engine rankings.

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Kate Roebuck Studio Webflow Website Homepage
Kate Roebuck Studio Webflow Website Installs Page
Kate Roebuck Studio Webflow Website About Page
Kate Roebuck Studio Webflow Website Product Page

Kate Roebuck Studio

A unique Webflow ecommerce store for Kate Roebuck who is a multimedia artist based in East Tennessee.

The artist had recently rebranded and needed a new website to match the new look.

Aside from the new look and feel, the artist also wanted to harness the power of the Webflow Ecommerce to enable her to easily sell her products. I need to create a scalable website that could be managed by Kate Roebuck easily. I was blown away by her story, and really enthusiastic about the collaboration.

As a freelance Webflow Developer, I partnered with Doggie Style Studio to create an authentic user experience that incorporated elegance and a sense of exclusivity with impeccable usability and top-grade functional ecommerce performance with Webflow Ecommerce.

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That's why I put an extreme amount of effort in creating websites that are engaging, fast, user-friendly, and look great across all devices.

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I counted, and it turns out I've done more than 70 Webflow projects

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The cooperation with Çağdaş has always been creative and purposeful. Çağdaş is a talented Webflow Developer who can handle everything from concept,to design, to deployment. What sets him apart is his ability to think outside the box. He doesn't just work through requirements, but also checks them for reasonableness. This makes a collaboration very enjoyable.

Jan Gehrmann
Executive Partner
Magni & Tude

Çağdaş is very thorough in his plan, email communication and execution. He provided great designs, worked through challenges on what we provided, came up with ideas and solutions to the problems as that brought great encouragement to our team.

Mark McCrimmon

Frequently asked questions

I listed the most commonly asked questions about Webflow Development process and services.

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How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on a few factors, including: project size and complexity, how quickly you need it (speed), and level of animations you require. As soon as you tell me a bit more about your project I'll give you a quote.

The most effective way for me to understand the deliverables of your new Webflow project and how you should spend is for you to create a scope of work and send it in to me.

If it's a simple project, sending a sitemap of all the pages included within your project scope will be okay to start.

Here's some steps to follow if you're not sure where to start with your scope of work:

  1. Send me a list of the pages you want on your site (sitemap/information architecture). Doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed or final. I just need an idea.
  2. Send me 2-3 websites that you love and think represent your vision for your new website in some way, either aesthetically or in functionality.
  3. If you already have the designs for your site completed (in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD) and now need the design developed out in Webflow, send me the designs to review and I can go from there.
  4. Give me heads-up if you think anything within your build may require extra development time. (Example: Pricing Calculator, API Integrations, Search)

I will take in all of this information and create a scope of work proposal for us to review. Once you’re ready, we can review the proposal together over a follow-up call.

How do we get started?
  1. Schedule a discovery call with me or fill out my contact form.
  2. After our call, I will create a scope of work document for you to review, revise and approve.
  3. Once the scope of work is approved, I will send out a contract for you to review & e-sign.
  4. Once the contract is reviewed & approved, I will send out an initial 50% invoice due to begin work.
  5. Upon completion of the invoice, I will set-up communication channels and schedule our kick-off call.
How long does it take to complete a project?

Delivery times are based on a few factors, including the project size and complexity. Single landing pages are delivered within a WEEK, full websites take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks and more complex projects can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes – new work relationships always start with a fine contract outlining our rights and duties.

On top of this, I write contracts that are fair for both sides — because I believe that business is a mutual exchange, not a matter of how to take advantage of someone.

How much experience do you have?

I designed my first amateur website at the age of 15 and since then have continued learning and building. I’ve been working as a professional designer for 19 years now, 10 of them at startups in Istanbul and Stockholm. I’ve successfully launched more than 100 web projects, helping more than 50 clients with my services.

I've been in Webflow community almost from the start. Since 2016 I’ve been utilizing Webflow within my tech stack to provide unique front-end designs, full-service development, and CMS based solutions for my clients

Along the road, I’ve learned that making clients happy takes a bit more than just outstanding design & development skills. Successful projects take seamless communication, total transparency, tried and true processes, and revenue-minded project management.

My goal as a freelancer is to make it as straightforward as possible for my clients to communicate their needs, get consultation, and implement a high quality solution.

Do you charge per hour or per project rate?

I usually charge per project. I prefer to fix a price and focus on creating something great instead of counting hours ;)

We are in a different time zone than yours. Is that ok?

Yes. I'm very used to working with teams that are in different time-zones than mine. I'm happy to adapt.

I live in Turkey. This puts me in 2 hours ahead of London, 7 hours ahead of New York, and 5 hours behind Singapore.

But you don’t have to worry about time zones. I work with clients from all over the world, from Berlin to Zurich to Vancouver!

Why me?

When deciding who to hire as your next Webflow Developer, I know you have endless options to choose from. So why hire me?

Because I'm focused on one thing: helping you achieve tangible business outcomes for your users and customers through world-class Webflow development and design.


On time

We’re picking a deadline, and I’m sticking to it. Simple. I respect your trust.



I’ve been designing and building websites for 22 years.



I've been taking only Webflow based projects for the last 6 years.



I'm based in Turkey. That's why my pricing is competitive.

A good process produces good Webflow websites

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Getting good results is actually about having a Webflow site creation process that aligns with an overarching strategy for a successful Webflow Developer.

With thorough preparation, I work with you in an agile way, step by step, until you are satisfied with what I have built as a Webflow Developer.

My process has been developed and improved with every Webflow Development project I've worked on.

Anybody can set up a Webflow site. But I build strategic, engaging experiences that reinforce credibility, communicate key messages, and turn prospects into profits.

Simply put, having a user-friendly Webflow site that looks sleek and modern is important as the end result, but ensuring that you get there by following a certain Webflow Development process is equally important.

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