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How I work with agencies on Webflow projects

I work with agencies all over the world as a freelance Webflow Developer. They outsource Webflow projects and get good results with a healthy freelance relationship.

Proudly worked with
Proudly worked with
Why me?

You want professionalism, right?

If you start working with me, I always remember you're counting on me. That means 100% reliability in meeting deadlines and deliverables.

I do what I say I will do.

My first job is to do outstanding work and deliver reliably. Reliability is more important than my skills or any other criteria for me. I deliver on the day I promised and make sure I can be counted on, with no excuses.

I'm flexible.

I adapt quickly to your process. I work to your requirements like joining your project management tool, talking with clients, participating on calls, voicing concerns early, managing work with other people.

I respect your agency.

I respect your agency, your clients, the people I'm working with and your agency's the way of doing things. I don't think I know it all and try to argue doing things my way. I follow your agency's rules.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to admit them. If I made a mistake, I'm going to tell you about it and not hide behind bushes. It's no fun at all, but to lie to you is even worse.

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Full transparency from day one

I share Figma files, Webflow read-only links and constant updates. So you're able to follow the design and development process on live.

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Easy to schedule meetings when you need to talk with me

My agenda is always up-to-date. So we can eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time.

I happily use Cal.com which is a scheduling automation platform.

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Let's be honest

Working with agencies isn’t for everyone. So why do I want to partner with your agency on Webflow projects?

As long as I deliver and meet your expectations, I know your agency will outsource Webflow projects to me again and again. So I can grow my freelancing business by becoming your go-to Webflow Developer. This is the way to get project after project with no pitching, no competition.

Fairly consistent work

Your agency tend to have more consistent work than me. You have people who can focus solely on finding clients. That means I can spend more of my time making money rather than client hunting as a freelance Webflow Developer.

Growing my network

I want to work with a bunch full of like-minded people. Once we start working together, I'll likely meet other creatives, project managers, and account people. It's a good benefit while working remotely from my home office.

Learning from you

I adapt myself quickly to your process. It's a good way of experiencing how you manage the projects, contact with clients and solve problems. So I can use this agency experience on my freelancing business.


I'm both a Webflow Developer and a web designer.

This gives me a unique perspective because in each role I’m sensitive to the importance of the other.

Whether you’re feeling the pressure from higher-than-usual demand or don’t quite have the numbers to hire someone full-time, hiring me can help make your life easier.

That's how I help agencies to turn their clients' ideas into Webflow websites. I can provide full web design services from website planning and UI/UX design to Webflow Development and search engine optimization.

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Building custom websites with Webflow

I design and develop custom Webflow websites with all the features your clients need.

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Optimizing Webflow sites for Google

Your client can head into search engine ranking battle with me, well armed and ready to win.

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Converting Figma files to Webflow

I turn your Figma, XD or Sketch file into a pixel perfect Webflow website.

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Migrating from WordPress to Webflow

I migrate WordPress sites with strategic and systematic methodologies


Agencies keep outsourcing to me

I've partnered with some of the world's greatest agencies to help their clients turn their ideas to Webflow sites.

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The cooperation with Çağdaş has always been creative and purposeful. Çağdaş is a talented Webflow Developer who can handle everything from concept,to design, to deployment. What sets him apart is his ability to think outside the box. He doesn't just work through requirements, but also checks them for reasonableness. This makes a collaboration very enjoyable.

Jan Gehrmann
Executive Partner
Magni & Tude

I worked with Çağdaş on several Webflow projects, and every time he showed unmatched professionalism and relentless dedication to complete the project on time and with high quality. Very pleasant to work with.

Igor Ginzburg

Çağdaş is a professional full-stack web designer and Webflow addict. He's talented technically but also very good in client communication. We've already worked on several projects together and this, for sure, for more new projects to come. I highly recommend!

Kevin Palombo
Founder & CEO
Happy Desk

Çağdaş is very easy to work with. His quality of work is pretty good and he is very knowledgeable and experienced about Webflow that will help my business in the long term.

Celia Yarwood
Cofounder & CCO
Hey Digital

Frequently asked questions

I listed the most common questions about my Webflow Development process and services.

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I already have a Webflow website. Can you help me make some changes to it?

Sure thing. ı can help you with hourly pricing for ad-hoc work. In the scope of a bigger project you can benefit from discounted rates. I also have monthly retainers starting from 5 hours per month. With these you can benefit from discounted rates and faster turnarounds on small tasks.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes – new work relationships always start with a fine contract outlining our rights and duties.

On top of this, I write contracts that are fair for both sides — because I believe that business is a mutual exchange, not a matter of how to take advantage of someone.

Where are you getting your work done?

I usually work remotely from my home office in Datça, Turkey.

How can we pay you?

You can pay me with your local currency. I have bank accounts in United States (USD), Belgium (EUR), United Kingdom (GBP), Canada (CAD) and Singapore (SGD)

How much experience do you have?

I designed my first amateur website at the age of 15 and since then have continued learning and building. I’ve been working as a professional designer for 19 years now, 10 of them at startups in Istanbul and Stockholm. I’ve successfully launched more than 100 web projects, helping more than 50 clients with my services.

I've been in Webflow community almost from the start. Since 2016 I’ve been utilizing Webflow within my tech stack to provide unique front-end designs, full-service development, and CMS based solutions for my clients

Along the road, I’ve learned that making clients happy takes a bit more than just outstanding design & development skills. Successful projects take seamless communication, total transparency, tried and true processes, and revenue-minded project management.

My goal as a freelancer is to make it as straightforward as possible for my clients to communicate their needs, get consultation, and implement a high quality solution.

What if we have completed designs but just need someone to develop or rebuild our site in webflow, can we hire you?

Yes, you can! I will need you to send over the completed source files so I can review the complexity of design, interactions, and content - then I can give you a proper proposal. Alternatively if you're looking to rebuild your current website within Webflow, then just send me the domain to your current website for me to review.

How do you handle payments?

Once you agree to the project price and timeline, I'll send you a 50% downpayment invoice. This can be paid by regular bank transfer in USD, EUR or GBP. Upon completion of the project, I'll send you the final invoice.

I also offer a 10% discount for complete upfront payment on any project. So if your project costs $5,000, you'd save $500 by paying upfront.

For longterm collaborations or complex, lengthy projects, I may accommodate different payment structures.

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